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Photo of Lydia at work

About Lydia

Ever since Lydia was a toddler, she's had an artistic soul. It showed in the way she would carefully match her outfits or that time she spent 10 minutes at Wendy's, painting her chin with honey mustard sauce, using a french fry as a paintbrush.

As Lydia grew a bit older, she became obsessive. During her preschool years, she would spend afternoons painting the same thing over and over again. One afternoon, it was mermaids. Another day, she churned out watercolor after watercolor of flowers. On another occasion, Lydia focused on painting reams of dresses. We realized she was practicing.

Photo of Lydia's preschool flower obsession

Now at age 11, Lydia's best friend seems to be her sketch book. As her mother, I'll frequently catch her late at night in bed, still awake, sketching the things in her imagination. She is constantly creating, whether it is painting, drawing, sewing, or some other medium. She can't seem to help but make things beautiful.

Lydia has amassed a large collection of canvasses, and we are running out of room! We've set up this website to try and find a new home for her creations. Lydia would love to see her art go out into the world and start to develop a name for herself; she wants to be a professional artist when she grows up.

Photo of Lydia art collection in 2020

Contact Lydia's Mom to discuss a purchase or a project! Lydia's existing creations are available for sale by donation, and she is also very keen to take on clients for commission. She's already had some experience painting for clients!